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WEC did not want miss as important as the closing event what has been one of the most iconic stadiums in Spain and Europe, the Vicente Calderon, Atletico de Madrid Stadium.


To give the farewell he deserves, as part of such a prestigious and unmissable event, we decided that the best way to give that Viking burial to a stage who has lived many glorious afternoons, was with a dip in new technologies.


To honor the stadium, we decided to invite to a FIFA competition to some of the best teams in Europe with Esports team. Manchester City, Schalke 04, Brondby, VCF eSports, Paris Saint Germain and Ajax attended the event in a show and a decent scene of the great rock stars have also performed at the athletic stadium.


In addition to the matches between professionals, FIFA organized an open championship in which more than 100 players were able measure their ability to get great prizes and finally compete in the main stage with a player of this Pro Teams. A great event that it perfectly example of what you might do in eSports.

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